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Our Diagnostic / Trip Fee Is Only $65.00

This fee includes time for the tech to drive to your home and to test and diagnose your unit. He will then tell you exactly what part(s) have failed (if any have), and what repair is needed. The technician will explain everything to you, make sure there are no other problems, and quote you an exact cost for the repair needed.

If for ANY reason you decide to not have the repair work completed, you pay only the diagnostic trip fee. If you have your unit repaired, the diagnostic trip fee is not added to the bill; it is waived. If the technician notices other problems (like rust etc.) on your  appliance and suggests to you not to have your appliance repaired, you pay only the diagnostic trip fee. 

Payment in full must be made on the day the repair is completed. If any part that is required needs to be ordered, a deposit of half of the estimated parts costs is required to special order them. We do not install parts that were already purchased due to our 90 warranty which covers parts and labor. Cash or check is accepted. There is no billing, and no credit cards are accepted at this time.

The technician will call you when he is one his way so please make certain to answer your telephone or they will not come.

If this is a rental property the Landlord who is authorizing the repair and paying for the repair MUST be available for the technician to speak with BEFORE the technician will come to your home.

The coupon is only valid for completed replairs. It is not valid towards only the diagnostic / trip fee.

Please continue scheduling online to have yourself placed into the route for the day and time slot you have chosen, or call us to schedule. If you have any other questions or just need some help, please click here for complete policies.

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