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Appliances We Service and Repair

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Here are some of the brands of appliances we service and repair

Clothes Washer
gas, electric, Clothes Dryer
gas, electric, Range, Oven
Refrigerator, Freezer
appliance repair
appliance repairs
appliances we service
appliance services
Maytag Repair Maytag Repairs Maytag Service Maytag refrigerator repair
Maytag appliance repair Maytag washer repair Maytag dryer repair Maytag refrigerator repairs
Maytag dishwasher repair Maytag oven repair Maytag range repair Maytag refrigerator service
Sears Repair Sears Repairs Sears Service
Sears appliance repair Sears washer repair Sears dryer repair Sears refrigerator repair
Sears dishwasher repair Sears oven repair Sears range repair Sears refrigerator repairs
Sears appliance service Sears washer service Sears dryer service Sears refrigerator service
Sears dishwasher service Sears oven service Sears range service
Kenmore Repair Kenmore Repairs Kenmore Service
Kenmore appliance repair Kenmore washer repair Kenmore dryer repair Kenmore refrigerator repair
Kenmore dishwasher repair Kenmore oven repair Kenmore range repair Kenmore refrigerator repairs
Kenmore Service Kenmore Repairs Kenmore Service Kenmore refrigerator service
Kenmore appliance Service Kenmore washer Service Kenmore dryer Service
Kenmore dishwasher Service Kenmore oven Service Kenmore range Service
Whirlpool appliance Service Whirlpool washer Service Whirlpool dryer Service Whirlpool refrigerator Service
Whirlpool dishwasher Service Whirlpool oven Service Whirlpool range Service Whirlpool washer repairs
Whirlpool Repair Whirlpool Repairs Whirlpool Service
Whirlpool refrigerator repairs
Whirlpool appliance repair Whirlpool washer repair Whirlpool dryer repair Whirlpool refrigerator repair
Whirlpool dishwasher repair Whirlpool oven repair Whirlpool range repair Whirlpool dryer repairs
GE Repair GE Repairs GE Service GE refrigerator repair
GE appliance repair GE washer repair GE dryer repair GE refrigerator repairs
GE dishwasher repair GE oven repair GE range repair GE refrigerator service
General Electric Repair General Electric Repairs General Electric Service General Electric refrigerator repair
General Electric appliance repair General Electric washer repair General Electric dryer repair General Electric refrigerator repairs
General Electric dishwasher repair General Electric oven repair General Electric range repair General Electric refrigerator service
HotPoint Repair HotPoint Repairs HotPoint Service HotPoint refrigerator repair
Hot Point Repair Hot Point Repairs Hot Point Service Hot Point refrigerator repair
Hot Point appliance repair Hot Point washer repair Hot Point dryer repair Hot Point refrigerator repairs
Hot Point dishwasher repair Hot Point oven repair Hot Point range repair Hot Point refrigerator service
Frigidaire Repair Frigidaire Repairs Frigidaire Service Frigidaire refrigerator repair
Frigidaire appliance repair Frigidaire washer repair Frigidaire dryer repair Frigidaire refrigerator repairs
Frigidaire dishwasher repair Frigidaire oven repair Frigidaire range repair Frigidaire refrigerator service
Electrolux Repair Electrolux Repairs Electrolux Service Electrolux refrigerator repair
Electrolux appliance repair Electrolux washer repair Electrolux dryer repair Electrolux refrigerator repairs
Electrolux dishwasher repair Electrolux oven repair Electrolux range repair Electrolux refrigerator service
Admiral Repair Admiral Repairs Admiral Service Admiral refrigerator repair
Admiral appliance repair Admiral washer repair Admiral dryer repair Admiral refrigerator repairs
Admiral dishwasher repair Admiral oven repair Admiral range repair Admiral refrigerator service
Amana Repair Amana Repairs Amana Service Amana refrigerator repair
Amana appliance repair Amana washer repair Amana dryer repair Amana refrigerator repairs
Amana dishwasher repair Amana oven repair Amana range repair Amana refrigerator service
Roper Repair Roper Repairs Roper Service Roper refrigerator repair
Roper appliance repair Roper washer repair Roper dryer repair Roper refrigerator repairs
Roper dishwasher repair Roper oven repair Roper range repair Roper refrigerator service
Estate Repair Estate Repairs Estate Service Estate refrigerator repair
Estate appliance repair Estate washer repair Estate dryer repair Estate refrigerator repairs
Estate dishwasher repair Estate oven repair Estate range repair Estate refrigerator service
Kitchen Aid Repair Kitchen Aid Repairs Kitchen Aid Service Kitchen Aid refrigerator repair
Kitchen Aid appliance repair Kitchen Aid washer repair Kitchen Aid dryer repair Kitchen Aid refrigerator repairs
Kitchen Aid dishwasher repair Kitchen Aid oven repair Kitchen Aid range repair Kitchen Aid refrigerator service
Jenn Air Repair
Jenn Air Repairs Jenn Air Service Jenn Air refrigerator repair
Jenn Air appliance repair Jenn Air washer repair Jenn Air dryer repair Jenn Air refrigerator repairs
Jenn Air dishwasher repair Jenn Air oven repair Jenn Air range repair Jenn Air refrigerator service
Magic Chef Repair Magic Chef Repairs Magic Chef Service Magic Chef refrigerator repair
Magic Chef appliance repair Magic Chef washer repair Magic Chef dryer repair Magic Chef refrigerator repairs
Magic Chef dishwasher repair Magic Chef oven repair Magic Chef range repair Magic Chef refrigerator service
Tappan Repair Tappan Repairs Tappan Service Tappan refrigerator repair
Tappan appliance repair Tappan washer repair Tappan dryer repair Tappan refrigerator repairs
Tappan dishwasher repair Tappan oven repair Tappan range repair Tappan refrigerator service
Caloric Repair Caloric Repairs Caloric Service Caloric refrigerator repair
Caloric appliance repair Caloric washer repair Caloric dryer repair Caloric refrigerator repairs
Caloric dishwasher repair Caloric oven repair Caloric range repair Caloric refrigerator service
Norge Repair Norge Repairs Norge Service Norge refrigerator repair
Norge appliance repair Norge washer repair Norge dryer repair Norge refrigerator repairs
Norge dishwasher repair Norge oven repair Norge range repair Norge refrigerator service
washer repair dryer repair refrigerator repair oven repair
washer repairs dryer repairs refrigerator repairs oven repairs
washer service dryer service refrigerator service oven service
clothes washer clothes dryer refrigeration services
gas dryer freezer repairing
electric dryer
dishwasher repair garbage disposal repair ice maker repair icemaker repair
dishwasher repairs disposal repairs ice maker repairs icemaker repairs
dishwasher service ice maker service icemaker service
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Appliance Repair Service Repairs
Appliances Repairing Servicing Repaired

Refrigerators Repair - an important appliance it provides a variety of services, keeping food cold and frozen, makes ice and has specialized food compartments. If your refrigerator is leaking, not keeping food cold enough or is noisy give Star Appliance Repair Service a call, we may be able to diagnose the issue over the phone.

Ice Makers Repair - no ice could possibly start a family war when it's hot.  If you notice the ice isn't completely frozen or your ice maker is leaking, give Star Appliance Repair Service a call and let us restore family peace and harmony.

Washers Repair - broken washing machines never happen at a convenient time, and always when you need clean clothes!  If your washer is leaving water on the floor, or failing to drain give Star Appliance Repair Service a call.  We'll schedule a time to come out that's convenient for you and the service call is free with repairs.

Dryers Repair - you always find out a dryer isn't working when you have a wet load of clothes.  With Star Appliance Repair Service. same day service, this doesn't have to mean a pile of smelly, wet clothes.  Give us a call when this happens and we'll be right out. If your dryer squeaks or makes strange noises when you turn it on or if the air doesn't get hot or the clothing doesn't dry we can repair those issues as well before they become major.

Dishwasher Repair - if your dishwasher is leaking, not drying the dishes or isn't getting your dishes as clean as it should, give Star Appliance Repair Service a call before your next big dinner.  Don't take the chance of your fuss budget aunt getting the spotted glass and silverware.

Oven, Range and Cooktop Repairs

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Your household appliances come under an enormous amount of pressure on a daily basis.
The normal family home usually has a dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, dryer and oven and eventually faults will start to occur on any one of these appliances.

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Dishwashers Repair Hints

Sometimes the power cord disconnects at the dishwasher (behind the bottom kick panel). If this happens, the wiring must be replaced or repaired.

Door switch – must be replaced if defective.
Make sure there is water to the dishwasher. Check water shut-off valve, water valve. Check spray arms, unclog if necessary.
For best results, water temperature inside dishwashers should be at least 120 degrees when filling dishwasher. Make sure to use enough soap.
Film on dishes and glasses. This is caused by excessive calcium build up. Clean dishwasher with dishwasher cleaner.
If dishwasher isn’t draining, make sure the air gap isn’t clogged. Also make sure drain hose isn’t clogged.
Check to make sure belt on pump isn’t broken. A broken belt will prevent the dishwasher from draining.
Check pump(s) to make sure there are no broken pump components.
Gas Dryers Repair

Replace the door switch if defective or broken.
Make sure thermal fuse has not burned out or stopped heating. Before replacing, make sure blower wheel is not broken or clogged and that venting is not blocked.
If the igniter glows, then shuts off without igniting gas – the coils are probably defective and should be replaced.
Igniter may burn out or break and should be replaced if this happens.
If it takes too long to dry make sure dryer vent hose and duct isn’t clogged.
Check cycling thermostats inside dryer. If one breaks it might affect performance. Replace if defective.
Electric Dryers Repair

If there’s no heat check for tripped breakers or blown fuses. Electric dryers use two and if one is tripped it may still run but not heat.
Heating element may be burned out. Replace if defective.
Make sure thermal fuse has not burned out or stopped heating. Before replacing, make sure blower wheel is not broken or clogged and that venting is not blocked.
If it takes too long to dry make sure dryer vent hose and duct isn’t clogged.
Test thermostats and replace if found to be defective.
Replace any heating element found to be defective.
Washers Repair

Washing machines may not work if their lid switch is defective. It is usually located near the door and will need to be replaced if defective.
If washer drains and fills at same time drain hose might be too low. Drain hose should be at least 3 feet above floor.
A clogged drain will keep water from draining,.
A water pump may have a frozen pulley or broken impeller and should be replaced.
If there isn’t any hot water, make sure the hot water is turned on.
If there isn’t any cold water, make sure the cold water is turned on.
Gas Ranges/Ovens Repair

Make sure the burners are cleaned and not clogged. Pilotless models are not easy to test and to find out what is defective. Call a professional if your burners aren’t working.
Check and make sure oven igniter is not weak or burned out by checking to see if it glows at all. If it doesn’t replace the igniter.
Check and make sure broil igniter is not weak or burned out by checking to see if it glows at all. If it doesn’t replace the igniter.

Electric Ranges/Ovens Repair

If element is only working partially or not at all, it might be burned out receptacle. Replace both receptacle and the element.
Check the infinite switch (located behind control panel) Replace if defective.
Ovens and broilers not working should have their heating element repaired if they are defective.

Range Hoods Repair

If range hood has a fan only and no light or other feature, check to make sure the fan switch isn’t broken. Replace if broken.
If range hood has a fan only and no light or other feature, check to make sure the fan motor isn’t broken. Replace if broken.




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